Pilgrimage to Mecca

Brothers and sisters, today begins a great journey for many of our bretheren in Europe - not the least of which is our own high priest, Comrade Dran.

Though it is not a full Hajj - for they will not see the Holy Mama - it is still a momentous event for all those involved, for they will see Apostles and allies of the Holy Mama: Morning Musume.

During this time period, as well will be Maasa's birthday.

A five-day period of great joys and religious revelry!

Unto thee be a great journey, with peace and much enjoyment.

Viva Maasa!


oh man I wish I also could go there...but no, I gotta be at the other end of the world xD


Oh, and I forgot to say: HAVE FUUN!!!


Ouch. Bad timing. XD

Just think of it this way: You're spreading the teachings of the Church all over the world to those not fortunate enough to attend. XD

It's what Oscar Romero would have wanted.*

*I'm sure he was really a Maasaist, even though he died long before Maasa was born.


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