Grand demo Rouka demo Medatsu Kimi

The video for the first live performance of Grand demo Rouka demo Medatsu Kimi by Maasa and Yurina from Berryz Kobo's 6th Album 6th Otakebi is now available, so I thought of it as a duty to share it here.

It is from Berryz Koubou Festival ~Youkoso Otakebi Land e~, and we have to thank the YouTube user Hoshii66 for sharing it there.

Personally, I have been waiting for this performance like crazy, and I'm more than content with the result. I've always liked the MaaYuri combination, and the recorded version of the song was already awesome, but this is... brilliant. Sparkling. Their voices match so well!

Notice Maasa's stunning and true smile at 0:15!  She seems happy during the whole performance. We all know that Maasa's true energy comes out at lives, more than recorded songs or PV's, and this is just one of the many proves.

Moving to the next topic: Maasa's outfit in Maji (or Honki) Bomber!

It rocks! Badass-punkrock-style for Maasa is a win! The shape of the trousers is a bit unusual, but none the less stylish. The words on the T-shirt also go more than well with it, and the dark colors suit her fierce glance. This is the cool Maasa we all love and admire!

Keksi*Choc (going to Chile for 6 weeks starting tomorrow)

EDIT: My apologies for the video being too big. I selected the smallest size that YouTube gave me, it doesn't seem to be small enough.


I tried to fix the video and make it smaller. It worked, but something I did caused even more problems to crop up. So I've just left it the way it was again.

And yeah, this is a pretty awesome performance. Maasa smiling through it is great. You are definitely right about her really shining during live performances. Maasa said that she always puts 120% into her dancing. And I always think you can tell. She's up there with Captain as one of the best dancers.


This was a great performance. It renewed how much I love the Maasa-Yurina pairing.

One thing I've always loved about Maasa is that you can always tell two things about her when she is performing: She is putting everything she has into it, and she is enjoying the hell out of it.


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