Recent Maasa activity

Like known, Maasa has been up to her play after Berryz hiatus, and it was also announced that she will be in another play with Morning Musume members : )

Over past few days she has pretty actively updated her blog...

Peach juice loving Maasa:
"I love momo♡ (peach)
I love momo..........
I love Momochilol"

Also met Saki and Yurina, who went to see the play

Kamitomo meeting when Chinami went to see the play 

Long time no see

Sorry for this huge gap between the posts, but now we're back! I've had a lot school things lately which have drained my energy to do anything productive... ><

Also since there was such a big break between posts, I won't be providing translations. I am very sorry about that : (. But from now on I will continue to keep you updated about the highlights of Maasa's blog posts and news about her! : )

Also these guys do fantastic and really hard work translating blogs, so check out !!!

Maasa has been up to

Berryz visit in Thailand!

Growing her hair longer!

Expanding her harem!

There was also an article about Berryz Koubou in a newspaper where it was stated that Maasa looks over Engeki Joshibu!

Also some sad news... it is only 16 days until our beloved Berryz Koubou will suspend their activities. Let's keep on cheering for them and hope them good luck to their future careers and possible family lives!


Hello! Sorry for not putting up any info and translations, but I am very busy with school work for a while but I will put up everything released after Christmas (unless some other church member wants to do it :D)

- bondskizuna

Maasa's Christmas

Merry Christmas

Every year Maasa looks a bit forward to Santa's visit.
But he never comes.

Santa hasn't visited her for whole 10 years, since the 6th year of elementary, however, now he appears again for her nephew.

For Maasa, the best Christmas gift is that she gets to spend it with Berryz members.

She asks all the papas and mamas not to show the blog text to children (lol.)

The best condition!!

Maasa asked if all the little kids got presents from Santa yesterday.

She wishes every elementary, middle and high school students good luck with their homework.
For college students she wishes an enjoyable winter break, since there are challenges and such.
She cheers for the adults to do well in their jobs.

Berry-chans will run through these remaining 6 days of 2014 with good spirit.

Maasa will do her best in rehearsals and shootings!


Berryz Koubou had a Christmas event today. It was quite a free event and there was a karaoke set on the stage for the members. Maasa had a lot of fun in the event. She'll have fun and be happy everytime she can.

For everyone that couldn't come, she says there might be a DVD release of the event. They sung a lot of songs that weren't from H!P.


Today was another rehearsal for H!P's upcoming tour.

For the first time in a while Maasa is a bit confused with all the moves, since there is a lot.
She thinks the power of the children is great and doesn't want to lose to them.

Maasa also loves the t-shirts she and Yurina are wearing today.

(Photo is a mirrored version to show the awesome t-shirts!)

A Ponytail can be Cute too

In today's news, Maasa continues to be beautiful. 

I'm sure bondskizuna won't be happy that I stole such a fine post opportunity from her, but well I saw the pictures and decided to post them anyway. Bwahahaha!

It comes from her blog from yesterday where she mentions that she decided to tie her hair back for a handshake event. 

She also asks "I wonder what my hairstyle will be tomorrow? "

Who knows, but I must admit that I'm sort of glad to see her start to grow her hair back out. Ikemen Maasa still looked cute, sure, but for 5 years she was the long-haired yamato nadeshiko of the group, and it took a long time to get used to that not being the case. Now that her hair is starting to grow out a bit, I can't help but wonder if she will keep the short hair she sported for 2014, or whether she'll go back to being our long-haired Maasa-hime in 2015?

Watch this space, or something...