A new religious holiday!

With Maasa's first photobook bordering on release, and because it's such a monumental occasion for the Church and for Hello!Project alike, I have decided to declare it's release date, 11th March, a holiday! A day used to celebrate, not just the release of the photobook, but to celebrate Maasa and all the hard work she has done for us. Besides, any excuse for a drink is a good one, right?

Now, this is where this entry should hopefully get interesting. All good holidays deserve a good name, right? So this is your chance as readers and followers to participate in the way the Church works. I've decided to let you, the readers, decide on the name of the holiday. So, what I want you to do is come up with your best names for the day and ask your friends too! After all, the more choices we have the more likely we are to get a really great one, right? Right!

Of course, there is always a distinct possibility that noone will come up with an idea, in which case I'll have to think of a name myself. But that'd just about defeat the point of this entire post, so let's not have it come to that.

Anyway, on the topic of the photobook, it's not confirmed, but the rumour is spreading that this is a preview of the photobook:

EDIT: It appears to have surfaced that this is not Maasa, but apparently an idol called Risa Yoshiki. I'll leave the picture here due to the sheer resemblance to Maasa and as a "what Maasa's PB could look like".


maasamas? :D
sexy party day?
just plain "picture day"?
okay i'm lame. i've got nothing and all these suggestions suck. *goes away*


Let's do a Maasa Matsuri!!! :D

Anonymous mod

Maasa Mirai Day ;)

Just don't name it Bank Holiday :D

Anonymous mod

Lielā Maasa (Means "Good Maasa", using Latvian. Providing I'm using that word correctly. <<)

Dia de Maasa (or The Day of Maasa. Thank my sister for that bit of Spanish.)

Rememberance of Maasa
Victory Day
All Maasa Day
International (National?) Maasa Day
Festival of Maasa

And.. I'm out of ideas.
(I love Maasamas, though. xD)

Anonymous mod

Here are my official entries:

All Maasa Day
Photobook proclamation Day (March 2nd ?)
Meeting of Maasa Day
General Prayer Day
Maasa Discovery Day
Maasa Forces Day

I do like many of the ones posted, except Maasamas.


Indeed. There are some great ones here. The official decision will be announced later tommorow. So you still have the chance to put forward your ideas until then.

And don't worry. "Bank Holiday" isn't a name I'd give it.

Also, just for the record. March 11th will be the second holiday declared by the Church. July 3rd was also declared a holiday upon the founding of the Church, as that date marks Maasa's Birthday. I'm not sure which day is more important, now. Haha.


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