Random ramblings about age

So the holy mother of Berryz otherwise known as Maasa will turn 20 soon.

20 may not seem old seeing how people easily live to a 100 these days, but in another way it's been a long time since Maasa joined H!P in 2002, yep, 10 years. The same applies to the other H!P Kids as well and look at it this way: Kennedy talked about flying to the Moon in 1961, then 1969 people actually walked on the Moon, that is how many years? Eight. So in other words Maasa has been a Idol for longer than it takes to develop a Spaceship and fly some people to the Moon with it. Personally I only discovered H!P in 2007 (thanks to European media pretending Japanese music wouldn't exist) and that may sound like it was awfully late seeing how H!P had its 10th anniversary in 2007, but now it is a full 5 years later and time sure has flown past.

In a way I could say it is already 5 years later, or 10 years later, but do we really realize how fast time goes by and more importantly, do these Girls realize it? I'm sure at some point they have and did consider their options (yeah, I'm hinting at that certain G word that is the Devil work) but for whatever reason they chose what we as Fans consider the correct option.

As they have chosen that correct option, do they think of getting older? do they consider what life has in store for them once they are 30? 50? 80? Obviously at 80 it is unlikely any of them will still be Idols (well, except for Momochi who doesn't get older) and we don't want to think ourselves getting 80 either (just ignore that if your 80th B'day is tomorrow xD), which brings me to a funny point, we may dread the thought of getting old and loosing what is our dearest Idol group, but at the same time what can we do about it?

Make the best of the time we have until we turn 80 and ENNNJJJOOOOOOYYYYY!!!!!

To help with that, have some Berrylicious PVs:

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