Photobook Update!

That's right. The Photobook cover has surfaced at last! And what a fine cover it is. I sense a slight change in tactics with this photobook. Normally with Hello!Project photobooks they are announced weeks in advance and as the release day moves slowly closer we get more and more teasers, just to keep us interested. But with this, announced 1-2 weeks before release, everything is moving much faster. The announcement came on the 2nd, here we are 3 days later and the cover is here.

But it doesn't end there! Some sites are now taking pre-orders for the book. At the moment, Maasa's photobook currently resides in the #5 spot on Amazon's Top-Sellers for the Books category. Maybe we can further launch that to first place before release.

The page for the PB at can be found here: Amazon

Such a relentless offensive on UFA's part, especially when compared with previous releases. These tactics are proving very effective, I imagine. Things are moving so fast we don't have time to get used to the idea of Maa having her photobook. It'll take a long time for this to become "old news", I reckon.

And remember we have a holiday planned for the release date of March 11th. If you haven't already, read this entry and suggest a name for the holiday!


Anonymous mod

So, are there any guidelines concerning what one should do to properly celebrate Maasa Matsuri (or however the holiday shall be named)? Especially if buying the PB is out of the question?


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