Message to the Church of AKB

AKB48 Worshippers,

We have been watching you, and we believe that your ideals directly conflict with our own in such a way that is unacceptable. Your false and heretical worship, your persecution and suppression of the true way - the Maaist way, have all led to this. We can not allow you to continue such pursuits, and as such I am writing this message in the hopes of persuading you back to the true path before it is too late.

AKB48 have long been my personal enemy and stand very much in the way of this Church's ideals and beliefs. We follow a tradition of monotheism and adherence to the words of Maasa, "I'm am Maasa your idol, thou shall have no other idols before me," is one of the most sacred laws of Maaism. AKB promote idols and ideals, a word that arguably has it's roots in the word "Idol", different to this. Because of this heresy these so-called Idols and their fans have strayed from the path and have dissapointed Maasa.

Members of the Church of AKB, a term coined by myself to describe those fans who commited themselves to worshipping the heretical teachings of those residing atop the Tower of Evil in Akihabara's Don Quijote store, who have strayed can still repent. Maasa forgives. Maasa saves. Maasa asks only for your faith and loyalty. And so I put it to you, would you rather live a life of damnation in the hands of AKB? Or repent and live your life in the protection of Our Holy Matriarch?

I think we all know which is the better choice, don't we?

Repent, lost children, and feel the warmth of Maasa's embrace.




Hmm... First, I'd say "at least AKB has it's own actual physical church" XD

Second, I believe these other churches are merely like different religions. None are wrong or right. Like Maaism, the monarchy of Ayu, and so on.

Only problem in the church of AKB is they forcefeed you all the idols you shall worship all at once.
(psh, at least H!P allows some solos)

I also ask, does the church of Maasa have an origin? Or is it THE origin of other branches of the religion? Like maybe... anti-idol-ism? (got the idea from something on Shirow's blog)

appreciate the update btw


In response to your comment Cecille.

Maaism needs no centralised place of worship. It's up to each individual Maaist to find their own house of worship. I have my shrine, you should have yours.

As for the other churches. They are very similiar religions. Some of their ideals mirror our own. The primary difference is the idol(s) at the center of it all. They aren't Maasa and must therefore be false. Although I can't really speak about other sects of Maaism - as far as I'm aware there are no Maaist churches, but it's highly possible that alternate interpretations of the teachings of Maa exist, and therefore alternate churches.

As for the origins of the Church... The very first entry on the blog explained that the Church was formed in association with the Hello!Online Maasa thread. Over time as I gradually converted to what I now call Maaism our thread was oft invaded by the Captain Party, or whatever they are calling themselves now, a group of Socialist Shimizu Saki supporters. The Church was formed in response to that.

I guess the Church claims it's origins among Pre-Church worship and anti-Captain reactionism.

The term "Anti-Idol", as coined by Shirow, refers to something much larger and not so much about the religion but the god itself. The Church doesn't really have direct origins in "anti-Idol-ism", as you put it, or does anti-idol-ism have direct origins in the Church. I guess you could use it as a blanket term to refer to multiple religions of this type in the same way as you would use Paganism to refer to many similiar Celtic, Germanic or Nordic beliefs and mythologies.


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