Happy Maasa Day!

That time has finally come. July 3rd. Maasa Day - also referred to by Charmy_Renai as Awesome Day.

How did you folks celebrate our favourite religious holiday?

This is what I did.

Yesterday, when it turned midnight on the 3rd in Japan, I counted down the last 10 seconds to Maasa's birthday - everyone in IRC was pretty confused by it, except those who had seen me talking about how Maasa's birthday was only a few hours away all morning. Yeah. I'm a Maaist through and through, and people damn well know it.



Brilhantes10 and I, as though we had read eachother's minds and been planning to do this for hours (I had, anyway!) suddenly hit our IRC "Now Playing" and we both were listening to Berryz Koubou's TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY from the first album 1st Chou Berryz. Wise men think alike, I always say.

My next goal was to bake a cake. I had deliberated for days on end about what kind of cake to make. Sponge cake with icing? Chocolate cake? In the end, after a suggestion from ginaRAWR, I went for what seemed like the most appropriate. Because Maasa is a Berryz member and her colour is blue, I went for a blueberry cheesecake. Genius, no?

So I had bought the necissary ingredients a couple days in advance. And I got to work! Well, okay. I suck at baking, so I had my mother to guide me - not to mention Maasa herself.

In the end I think it came out quite well. And the blueberries tasted great! It may not look all that good, but it tasted better than it looks, I assure you.



Cheesecake filled with blueberries and topped with even more blueberries. Lovely.

So tell me how you celebrated this awesome day! Post in the comments.

And I shall leave you with Maa's blessing, may we continue to support her over the coming year as we have in the past, and may Maa continue to guide and protect us as she has done til now.

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