Maasa Matsuri fast approaching

Despite what AKB radicals may have you believe, we Maaists are actually a civilized and cultured people. And so today, I'd like us to celebrate that.

If you remember, March marks not only the beginning of Spring, but also the first anniversary of Maasa's photobook. We celebrated it last year with Maasa Matsuri, and I'd like to continue the now-tradition into the new decade. But rather than having it restricted to a single day (that is the 11th), I suggest that Maasa Matsuri become a long holiday. March 3 was the day that the photobook was announced, if I recall. So lets have the fortnight before the 11th mark the beginning of our culture festival.

"Culture festival", I hear you wonder? Well, we'll use this fortnight to expand and share our culture. We can prove to the non-believers that we aren't simply insane cultists, and we can enjoy the wonderful content that every one of us is capable of producing. So I urge you to spread the word throughout the world and create new and exciting content for the Church.

"What kind of content?" Anything you want. If you are good at writing stories, perhaps you could share with us any Maasa related stories you have written or are writing. Maybe you are a performer, and can perform a song in her honor. If you are an artist, don't feel left out, we'd love to see your art too. Anything goes. Draw on your talent and skills. That is the basis for all art and culture.

So lets show our support for Maasa and fill the internet with wonderful things. And if you do have something to share, be sure to post in the comments or something. I'd love to see what everyone can do.

Naturally I will also have fun with this. In the spirit of the Church, I've written a little anthem which celebrates our mother and the Church. It's sung to the tune of God Save the Queen.

    Long live our Holy Mother
    Long may her words inspire
    Long live Maasa
    May you be prosperous
    Mighty and glorious
    Long to watch over us
    O, Divine Maasa

    O, Children of Maasa rise
    For our threatened faith
    We'll answer the call
    We'll fight them in the streets
    Or where e'er they challenge us
    On thee our freedom rests
    Long live Maasa

    Thy choicest gifts in store
    On her be pleased to pour
    Long may she reign
    May she defend our rights
    May we serve with all our might
    And sing with heart and voice
    O, Divine Maasa

Got your own idea for a Church anthem? A song you think would work better or is more fitting? Better lyricist? Drop me a message too, I would love to see. The Church is, of course, a community. And we should work together to create a religion that we can be proud of.


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