L'Entente Cordiale

Recently the Church was approached by a delegation from our old enemy - the Captainist Party. The delegation (id est, The Garlix) and I came to an agreement that both must cease all rivalries if both are to survive.

The history of conflict goes back to before the formation of the Church. Attempts to get Maasa's title changed from "2nd Berryz Tower" to "World's Strongest Idol" was met by much resistence from Captain supporters who claimed that she was far stronger than Maasa. Debates and arguements went on for days, both sides attacking the other with propoganda and fighting amongst themselves. It was from this time of turmoil and tension that two organisations rose to claim responsibility. One was the proposal and formation of the Church of Maasa - a church with faith in Maasa as our Holy Mother and One True Idol. The other was the rise to prominance of the Captainist Party - a political organisation which puts a Captainist spin on Communist theology.

Although the initial conflict ended in the Church's favour with the title of World's Strongest Idol rightly given to Maasa, they two groups seized whatever opportunity they could to assert their own superiority over the other.

However, we both came to the unanimous agreement that it would be in the interests of all involved to cease hostilities and to come together in order to strengthen our defence of the status quo against the increasing threat of invasion from the AKB hordes. An enemy shared leads to a friendship shared.

This alliance, which I am calling L'Entente Cordiale after the Anglo-Franco treaty signed in the early 20th Century which brought about an end to centuries of fighting between the two empires, comes despite the anti-religion tendency of Communist bodies. Perhaps because of the number of Maaists, or at least Maasa fans, within the Party. While it might be against our code to Idolise anyone other than Maasa, in the spirit of the Entente those who choose to support Captain rather than Maasa shall not be mistreated for their beliefs. In the face of the AKB terror, both east and west, both Church and State, both Maa and Captain must remain strong and unified.

Brothers. Sisters. Comrades.
Viva l'Entente Cordiale!


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