The answer to our prayers!

We've waited, and we've hoped, for far too long. Now it's Maasa's time. According to the Official Photobook schedule (here) a new photobook is due to be released on the 11th of March. A photobook with the interesting title "maasa".

A wise man once said "If you truly want something, then you shall have it" and "Anything can be achieved if you want it enough"... or maybe I just made them up, which would make me the wise man. Anyway, that wise man's words ring true here. We've been hoping for a photobook for a long time and it's finally coming, after this I have no idea what we'll hope for. Co-starring in a drama? Her second photobook? The skies the limit with this girl. Actually, if she wants to go into orbit, you let her. There is no limit.

Unfortunately there is nothing to show at the moment as the photobook has been just announced. We know of it's existance, it's name, and release date. But rest assured, the Church will provide, and I shall share previews with you once they become available.

I know Maasa has been gaining in popularity lately, especially over 2008 where she became a regular show-stealer in the second season of Berikyuu. And according to Hello!Project Store sales rankings on H!O, Maasa did well for herself last year. But I can't help but wonder if that was the reason behind her getting a photobook, wether she hung the managers by their toes in a dungeon and tortured them until they gave the green light, or wether this is a result of her recent weight-loss... Or a combination of the above. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Anonymous mod

Great news, thank you!


Finally, a Maasa photobook! ^o^

Maasa, Maasa, Maasa!!!! ^o^


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