Well, this series of posts on Maasa's PB seems to be finally drawing to a near close. As I don't have the PB yet, I can't comment on it, and I'll post the last in the series (a review of the photobook) when I see it. But for now, I'll announce the name of the holiday we have all (hopefully) been celebrating today.

There were many great suggestions, and some not-so great, but I feel that I have made a good choice, and had I put a poll up asking you to pick from the final three or whatever, you may have picked it too. Actually, when I first put out the call for name suggestions, I had a poll in mind as the deciding factor, but alas we have found the one downside to UFA/Maasa's aggressive publicity campaign for the photobook... Time was in short supply. There wasn't enough time to get in suggestions, pick the top 3 and then poll you all on which you like best, as we only had about 9 days to work with between the announcement of the photobook and now.

And now, without further ado, the name of the holiday: Maasa Matsuri! As suggested by Kurisu.

This was my favourite, and although the others were good too, I found this was the easiest to remember and it just rolls off the tongue. Also, the word matsuri, in case anyone didn't know, is translated to "festival" in english. Festivals can have a wide range of ways to celebrate, right? And not to mention that festivals are fun! Besides... Everyone loves a bit of aliteration.

Another one that did interest me was the idea of naming March 2nd as Photobook Proclamation Day, as suggested by 20000. This has an interesting ring to it, and interestingly sounds like a complete contrast to Maasa Matsuri where it has a much more serious sound and much more religious/politicaly themed. So that name gets the honourable mention, and I have a good mind to make that one official too. What do the rest of you think?

Anyway, the photobook is out today, and Maasa Matsuri is upon us. How have you guys been celebrating? Or how do you plan on celebrating? Like any festival worth it's money, I'll probably eat lots of food, drink and, to add that Maasa touch to it, have a Berryz concert marathon. Expect me to be up at 5am watching Berryz Koubou 2005 Aki ~Switch On!~ or something. If you have a blog, how about writing over the next couple of days about the photobook and about how you spent Maasa Matsuri? Be sure to leave a link in the comments, as I'd love to read them. Or you could simply share with us about it in the comments section itself, should you feel so inclined.

Also, I hear that, not only has Maasa's photobook been on the top-sellers on amazon since it was announced, it has actually sold out. I expect a new photobook is already in the works, my friends!


Yes! I didn't want to suggest anything in previous comments, but Maasa Matsuri was my favorite from the start.

Thanks for the honorable mention as well, glad to "help"! ^^


Maasa Matsuri ^^

Thnks for choose that name... ^^



That's all I managed to do - I hope I got the Kanji for Maasa Matsuri right.

While I was editing the picture, GIMP started going wonky. Later, Maasa's picture disappered from the blog, even though it was still hosted at the file hosting service and all other pictures were showing properly. I am not inclined to believe this was a coincidence :D


I was beginning to wonder if anyone had / was going to post their own blog entries in celebration.

Although your entry just seemed to be a plug for the Church of Maasa, which I'm grateful for. :p


Precisely. I had also expected at least several entries, since the Day was mentioned at IW in a separate entry (if I remember correctly)..


Indeed, I thought so too.

Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty more next year, as the Church grows in size and as Maasa continues to become more and more awesome. :)


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