Maasa Photobook Previews!

It seems my predictions and theories about UFA's promotional tactics concerning Maasa's new photobook are ringing true more than ever. Last time I mentioned that they seem to be using lightning-quick promotion. With the space between announcing and release at just over a week, every few days we get a new taste of what is to come, so we never get bored of the news. Scroll back an entry if you're interested in reading more into that theory.

But it seems I was right. Just as we were all getting used to seeing what the cover looks like, something happened. TWO videos appear on Dohhhup! The first is a video of Maasa talking about her new photobook, complete with other Berryz members popping in and basking in the beauty contained in it's glossy pages. The second video being a preview of the Making-Of DVD which contains some pretty interesting footage itself.

Let's talk about them one at a time, shall we?

I'll talk about the Making-Of preview afterwards, simply because in this one we get to see very little of the photobook itself. The waiting is worth it, trust me.

The first thing we see is Maasa, and rightly so. She instantly starts talking about her new release, and with a wonderful "Jan!" we are shown the cover of the photobook. I just said that it was starting to lose it's wow factor, right? Well, it's all just as fresh as before when the thing is actually being held in Maasa's hands. What I wouldn't give to be that photobook, huh?

She then decides to show us the inside. Is this it? The moment of truth? Well, she holds it up to the camera, skims through it, and we get to see the top third of about 3 pages. Not quite what we were hoping for. And Maasa lets out an "ahhhh!" which quite simply reminds me of someone teasing their kid with a candy bar, but pulling it away at the last minute. My friend used to do that to random dogs. It seems that we're not gonna get it that easy, huh? Oh well, we're good Maasa-ists! We can take it!

Or so we thought. She then starts talking about the photobook and waving the thing around in the camera. Is she doing this on purpose?

Then, we hear a voice. A voice belonging to her. Tsugunaga Momoko-chan. She takes the photobook and starts looking through it herself. Due to the way she hold it at first, we get to see brief glimpses of... well, nothing. But it's just about the most we've seen from this so far! Then she lifts it up and we see nothing but the cover again. Damn. She then proceeds to start exclaiming how cute or sexy the pictures are. We, the viewers, of course don't get to see what all the fuss is about. Damn her. When it was Maasa we could take it. But now Momoko's teasing us too? This is too much!

It was about here that I noticed something though. If you look behind Momoko at Maasa (which I'm sure you were all doing anyway!) you can see Maasa do nothing but fidget the whole time. She can't keep still! She's clearly as excited about this photobook and showing it off as the rest of us. I wonder if idols with several photobooks still get as excited as that around release time?

All of a sudden, Tokunaga Chinami-chan appears in the room. And Momoko exclaims about something being incredibly cute, and decides to show us the picture! Finally, some results! Not quite, she covers up Maasa's face with her hand. Is this to shield us from the mind-melting sheer beauty of Maasa? Or is she just trying to get our god-damned hopes up... because it worked! Chinami then goes to show us another picture, but is stopped by Maasa and Momoko. Damn. Nice try, Chinami!

From here on we hear more of the girls' commentary on the photobook, but I can't really tell you what all that's about as my Japanese is limited at best. But since the subject matter is Maasa, it's always interesting. Take their word for it.

Next up is the Making-Of preview. This starts off with footage of Maasa in a red dress with a hairband as she picks out some fruit. I must confess a sin here. The hairstyle she's wearing at this time is one that I hate. Always have hated that look. Even Maasa, who has been noted for being able to pull off any look (no matter what horrible costumes UFA give her) no problem. This one is pushing the boundary. But I appologise for such blasphemy, it's not appropriate for me to say such things about our holy matriarch Maasa. So let's move on.

The following scene we see Maasa holding a hose and wearing what appears to be a pair of dungarees. Maasa as a working woman, we see her washing a van and playing with the soap bubbles. That explains it. Maasa always was the kind of girl to take charge. If something needs done, she'll make sure it gets done. Although really, she just had to ask a couple Maasa-ists to do the job, we'd have done it for her, and even let her take the credit. Actually, how do we know that this isn't exactly what happened? Congratulations to the people who did the job for her! Maasa and the Church are forever indebted to your kindness. May you be rewarded greatly for your good and holy deeds.

The following clips are even better. Maasa in a red bikini, playing at the pool. Who said clichés had to be boring? Maasa's enjoying herself, so why should we commit, what can only be described as, herasy and complain? That's what I thought.

But by far the best costume in this whole video, is a few clips further in, we see Maasa standing by a set of lockers and the one following. I'll let you see for yourself what she is wearing. But needless to say, that is the face of beauty.

Maasa is the face of beauty.


Oh, Maasa is so pretty ^^

I can't never have enough of her smile ^^


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