Birthday Pictures

As my dear friend Garlix requested, I will give you another PicSpam!

Since I am not at home I have to search for all the pictures on the Internet, and may not be able to upload my favorite selection. My apologies for that!

Now, please enjoy!

(Symbolizing the alliance with the Captainist Party. Maasa obviously approves.)

Once, again, Happy Late Birthday!

They may not be rare, but they are still beautiful.
(This is not a question)
May Maasa be with you, bringing light into darkness.



Thanks, Mimi. :D
Excellent work.

Good choices of pics too. You got her photobook cover, her Very Beauty outfit (a personal favorite of mine), and this one: (which is just one of my favorite pictures period XD ), as well as one showing the union of Captainism and Maasaism (a really cute one too).

Another late happy birthday for Maasa!


Plus the end of your post sounds like it could be a good official slogan for the Church.


Thanks :)
I also like my selection!
And Very Beauty.. is just beautiful ;)

Hehehee May Maasa be with you, brining light into Darkness.

I try my best!


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