Light Novel no Tanoshii Mikata

Once again, big news on the movie front. We have both a movie trailer, and an official release date. All our previous information on the movie can be found in these posts. But this entry is about this great new footage we have. Interesting to note that we haven't actually had any footage whatsoever from the movie or the making process. So this is our first taste of the movie.

Maasa is looking very cool throughout the trailer. An awesome scene at the very start shows her making her way through a school hallway with all of the other students moving out of her way. Then followed by a clip of her beating someone up with (what would appear to be) a Kendo Bokutou. A very cool character. Contrasted by the way she appears in the other half of the trailer as she dates the classmate in order to gain inspiration for her book and, at times, looks quite awkward, but others you really see the Maasa we all know and love in her character.

Maasa of course looks great in all the costumes we see her in. Not to mention how well acted it seemed to be. I know some people had doubts as Maasa wasn't exactly known for extraordinary acting ability, but if we are just going off the trailer, I reckon that this will be a performance to remember.

The movie, featuring our own Maasa (as well as former H!P egg Noto Arisa) will release in theatres across Japan on the 4th of December. If you are in Japan for that week, I implore you to visit a nearby cinema and watch our Holy Mother on screen!


Anonymous mod

I'm surprised you haven't already book your flight to Tokyo to be at the premiere. As the head of her church, no doubt the Holy Mother expects, nay, demands your presence.


Possibly. However it's probably impossible. The excursion to Paris 3 weeks ago has left me virtually penniless.

"But you still have 4 months to save up!" I hear you cry.

This is true, and if my situation stayed as good as it had been in the lead up to Paris, then that elusive trip to Japan might not have been so elusive. But my contract ends at the end of September, and after that, there's no guarentee that I will be able to get another job. So if I get one, it's a theoretical possibilty, but if not, then simply impossible.

Though I'd love nothing more than to go see Maasa's movie premier - hell, I'd go see it a dozen times. But life is never that simple, is it?


Brilliant trailer. As I said on H!O, Maasa seems to fit into her role even better than I had expected.

It was also a treat to see Nocchi again.


Oh my god. The trailer appeared and I didn't even notice!!!! *bangs head against table*

The trailer is freakin' amazing, I...honestly didn't expect Maasa to do taht well! She is so.. supereme! I'll look forward to when the DVD comes out ;w; Or maybe a Cine-rip? THe hair-flippin scene is breathtaking! What is she doing at the aquarium?

The role is just perfect for her! And I'm glad she gets to wear her hair down all the time ♥♥♥♥♥♥

@Dran: Gooooood luck finding a job!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


What is she doing at the Aquarium? Presumably they are there on a date. Or you mean what was with the way she was acting at it? Unsure. The yelling was a little over the top. Guess she'd never seen sea-critters like that before. :p


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