Regarding the Light Novel Translations

It was never my intention from the start to have those translations permanently hosted here alongside the rest of the Church of Maasa entries. It was far too messy, and just a temporary set up until I came up with a more efficient solution.

I have played around with various ideas over the last couple of weeks, most of which didn't work anywhere near as well as I'd hoped. 

I had, for example, toyed with the idea of hosting them on the Church blog like they have been, but to provide the option to either choose to only see Church entries, or only see Ranobe translations. Or failing that, the ability to at least toggle the visibility of the translations on and off. In an ideal world, that would probably be the feature I'd be unveiling to you right now, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with a design for it that worked the way I wanted it to.

In the end, I have decided to move over all of the entries to a new blog, loosely modeled after the official blog.

The new blog is still entirely affiliated with the Church (think of it as a subsidary company and the Church being a parent company), but by actually having two seperate blogs instead of the one, it seemed to me to be far tidier and far more efficient. 

To those who have been reading the translations and commenting on them, don't worry, as your comments have also been carried over to the new blog. In fact, I'm hoping that this will help reduce the number of spam comments recieved as well.

You can find the new translations at I've also added a list of links at the top of the right sidebar here on the Church of the latest 5 entries on the blog.

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