Berryz Koubou Summer Concert Tour 2010 ~Umi no Ie Otakebi House~ Ground Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi Performance

There it is!  Maasa's and Yurina's duet song, latest performance!

The costumes are... well. I think the designer didn't work very hard on that, they should've made better ones! But what do costumes matter when it comes to Maasa and Yurina? The plain outfits make themselves shine even more!

They do make a nice appearance on stage, clapping along with the crowd!

Look at Maasa's shining face at 0:17! She's having so much fun, its obvious. That's not a fake smile, guys!

I really like the "Background noises" Maasa and Yurina make while the other one is in center!

0:44 is definitely a nice scene, too! It looks like Maasa wants to poke Yurina? That would be a funny thing, right?

Now that Maasa has a lot of lines to sing, it's easy to hear that she improved again lately! She sounds very strong and more constant than before!

Love their smiling faces while doing the end-pose!! ♥♥♥

Also... here is something I made for JuuIchi!


Why don't You ever put Maasa's solo songs??? Well at least the one from otakebi land concert... She was amazing in that performance!! and You didn't even put it up in this blog... What kind of Maasa'ist are You?


Lol. I leave it up to my writers to decide what they write.

I can't say why Keksi didn't write about Maasa's solo, but she's not really obligated to write about anything.

If you want to join her in blogging about various Maasa performances for the blog, however, you are more than welcome to. I'm happy to let anyone try writing for the Church.


I've been forgetting to say, that drawing is really cute. XD


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