Maasa in Berryz' new set

This latest picture set of Berryz has caused a lot of picture comments, bumps and fascination on Hello! Online, which made me think of sharing it here, because I personally am also very fascinated by this beauty. So please enjoy this picture in two versions:

May Maasa be with you, bringing light into darkness. And I'd like to ask a question which can easily be answered in comments: Which of the two versions do you prefer? The first one, with a mild light added to it which makes it glow softly, or the second, natural one (which was probably photoshopped too).

Love, Keksi*Choc


I must admit that, while I love the radiant glow coming from Maasa in the first version, I actually prefer the second.

Maybe because I prefer Maasa's beautiful dark hair.


That's a really tough question.

The first one has an almost angelic glow and looks almost like she is standing before a sunset.
The second one, on the other hand, looks more natural and, like Dran said, has the nice, darker hair.

I think I actually prefer the first, in some ways.


Thank you for the support on my blog ^_^


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