As mentioned before, during the time of the Church's Revolution, The Church of Maasa does not only support Maasa anymore, but also her fellow Hello! Project comrades and close friends. Also, one of our main goals is to spread the love for her and Hello! Project - which brings Eternity into it. Eternity is a Fangroup founded by ArielSoul and Risa/Misa on Hello! Online, with their main goal to spread the Hello! Project Love over the world. 
Now they have invented this wonderful website Eternity, to make information and news accessable for everyone. Like the members of the Church, they use their own spare time to make Eternity work, which is why they needed help. I, among others, have lately advanced from a member to a member off the Emergency Staff, meaning that I have access to the News section etc.
The fact that I am an Eternity member as well as a fellow Maaist, I thought of the possibility of the two organizations to work together, the main reason for this post. I ask everyone to pay Eternity a visit, and think of becoming a member (it's free). Our current Goals are to spread News and gain members, but we also want to make Hello! Project more known international. Certain projects to do that (e.g. handing out leaflets) are currently being planned.

At this point I want to apologize for the inactiveness of the Church and will present you with another picspam♥

July / August -2011 Calendar Bikini Picture ♥

Again from the Calendar, in different Seifuku

Calendar Yukata Outfit (not from the Original Calendar) sooo lovely. Although I would have prefered her with bangs, the color of the Yukata suits her, feminine as well as strong, cute hairstyle as well. Thank you, stylist. 

24th Single "Shining Power" Group Artist picture.  Why did they give the exact same hairstyle to our holy one as in Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda? O__O

Again the Calendar's Seifuku. Isn't she lovely?
May Maasa be with you.


Thanks for spreading the word. I didn't know about this previously (I'd seen the name tossed around before but didn't know what it was).
I'll have to check them out.

Any way we can spread the H!P love is always helpful.


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