Public Service Announcement: Don't Worship False Idols

Many believe that Maasa, in times long past, gave us these words; "I am Maasa your Idol. Thou shall worship no other Idol before me." It's debatable, but we do believe that these words were later adapted for use by later religions.

Well, my brothers and sisters, I have a confession to make. I wasn't always the monotheist that the Church requires me to be. They were darker times than these, in a place known as Musume-Central where a battle of Survival raged between Yajima Maimi and Suzuki Airi. I supported Maimi, of course. But support was much greater for Airi than for Maimi. We were fighting a losing battle, but did not give face. We fought on and the battle drew out for several days until we were finally overcome. But we knew we had fought the good fight. And, brace yourselves, this is where my treachery happened. In the middle of everything, I began to preach about The Golden Maimi and how, in the afterlife, we would be greatly rewarded for standing by her to the end - and of course that redemption was still a choice for the Airi supporters.

So my message to you, brothers, is don't get caught up in the moment. Think carefully about which Idol you choose to worship. And in the end, if you have thought long and hard, you will come to the conclusion that Maasa is the only true idol. Those who would have you believe otherwise are heratics willing to start a Holy War between two or more idols.

Take that anti-religious pretender Sougisou, for example, he and his communist support for Shimizu Saki would have Maasa's titles stripped and her supporters destroyed! Fear not, however, because only the true prevail. Now take Murr, who commited slander and other acts of Heresy in the name of her false idol - Niigaki Risa. Ever since tensions have been high between myself and those few supporters of that cult. However, I can't lose my own integrity. Not again. We must stand tall and proud, and do our best to peacefully convert these cultists back to the light. The worship of their false and obscure idols is dangerous. A danger to society, to themselves, and to us.

We do not wish for a holy war, brothers! But should one break out, you can sleep soundly knowing that it is us who will become one with Maasa - the greatest honour known to man.

And a message to the non-believers: Join us. We are the true way. Swear your loyalty to the Church and to Maasa and you shall never look back. Just look at how happy Tokunaga Chinami was when she first joined the Church!


Anonymous mod

Just in case, don't crucify me for what I'm going to say..

1. Chii joined the Church. Since she's an idol herself, worshipping her is possible - and allowed by the Church?
2. If it is, does one have to worship Maasa separately, or is loyalty towards Chii equal to believing in Maasa?
3. Which other idols have joined the Church and can be worshipped?
4. Does keeping a Saki photo constitute blasphemy?


Chii joined the church. However, to worship her would still be to worship a false idol. And to do so would not constitute faith in the Church of Maasa (and in some circles may be looked on as Unorthodox and perhaps even heresy).

Keeping a Saki photo, itself, does not constitute blasphemy and is fair game until the point where you actively worship her.


Precisely, how does one join the church?

Anonymous mod

In addition to that, it would be helpful to define "active worship", or at least give several examples of it :)


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