Project Evangelion : Convert the Masses

I thought I would give something a try. Something I've never even attempted before. A competition! Henceforth known as Project Evangelion. The point of this, of course, is to increase faith in Maasa and the Church.

So, first of all. What are we competing? This is a video contest. Primarily an OPV one, but if you have another interesting idea in mind then go for it. The idea is simple, create a good Maasa video, send it in and the best will be decided by a panel of judges. These judges will be a small number (perhaps 5) of faithful men who will, unfortunately be barred from submiting a video in the interest of fairness.

Keep in mind that the video must be Maasa-centric in some way. A Berryz Koubou OPV will not be considered. A Maasa OPV which features clips or pictures of her with other members is acceptable. But remember that Maasa is the center of attention! Also the video should, in some way or another, advertise the Church of Maasa. Not necissarily this blog, but the faith in Maasa as a religious figure. As the Idol. Multiple entries are allowed, should you wish to do so.

So what is the prize? Well, I did originally plan on giving away to the winner a copy of Maasa's photobook. But another photobook contest after The Incredible He-Hulk's sig contest would be a bad choice. So I have decided to do something simpler. The winner will recieve a gift-voucher redeemable for $20 at YesAsia. If I get a big enough response to the contest, I may upgrade that prize. But for the time being that is where it stands.

Entries should be sent to before June 15th. This gives you two months to work with, and the winner will be announced and their prize awarded before or on Maasa's Birthday (July 3rd). Your email should contain the link (DirectDownload or Video Stream only) to the video, it's title and also please indicate your Display name in the email subject. Valid email address is required, as the winners gift-code will be sent to the email adress you submitted the video with.

If you have no interest in entering into the contest, but would like to judge entries. Drop me an email too.

Lastly, although I can't enter the contest since I am hosting and judging, I thought I'd make an OPV anyway...


Dude I am totally gonna enter this, what an awesomely generous prize, I can't believe more people havn't enetered yet


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