Happy birthday, Maasa!

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades, the day has come! The greatest day of the year where kindness is given unto your fellow man, and you are rewarded with beauty given unto you by the Great Sudou Herself!

This day, July the third is the anniversary of the corporeal incarnation of the Maasa.
On this exact day, July the third, in the year of our Mama, two thousand ten, Maasa celebrates the 18th anniversary of Her birth.

At this time, I would like to lead a prayer with quote from the Maasaist Scripture, Genesis 1:1-1:6:

In the beginning Tsunku created the Hello! Project and the Kids.

And the Kids were without form, and a great mass. And the Spirit of Maa moved upon the face of the Workshop.

And Maasa said, "Let there be dvds!" and lo there were dvds.

And Maasa was in the dvds, and the dvds were good: And Tsunku divided the Workshop from the Kids.

And Tsunku called the Workshop Berryz, and the Kids C-ute. And the third of March was Berryz day.

And so it was so.

Happy birthday, Maasa!

May you continue to shine brilliantly, whether from the sidelines, from the back, or in the front.

I will end with a link to one of the greatest videos ever made: The Maasa version of Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance (uploaded to youtube by our own Dran).


I'm glad you could get to a computer for Maasa Day. :D

(I considered doing a picspam for the big day, but I'm usually pretty bad at picking pictures for them.
So just remember you owe us a picspam when you get back home. XD )


Let Maasa be thanked for answering our prayers, and forever worshipped!


Okay, I will keep that in mind, Garlix :>

If I get bored this afternoon I might as well do it today.


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