Minecraft and Idol Fandom

Yep, I'm going to talk about a Sandbox Game on a Idol related Blog, but there is a good reason for it.
Just a quick explanation on what Minecraft is, it is a Sandbox Game where you obtain resources, craft various Items, build things like Houses and Railways and it comes with a addiction factor of 11 on a scale of 0 -10 and that high addiction factor is where the connection to Idol Fandom is.
Flying to Japan takes a long time especially when you remember the extra time wasted at various Airports and so its no surprise I had nothing better to do on the way to the Land of Berryz and H!P than play Minecraft (which thanks to its basic Graphics runs fine even on my ancient and by now replaced Laptop).
Unfortunately some random Guy started asking stupid questions about it and I quickly found myself in a situation where I had to justify my addiction. Justifying the addiction to Idols is something many struggle with as the general public is often not enlightened enough to understand it.
That situation got me thinking on how one can justify being addicted to Maasa, Berryz, H!P or just Japanese Idols in general to some random person?
Of course one could choose the not really successful but simple way: "It's either this or Crack, your choice". My Mom didn't really appreciate that one lol (just for the record, I got nothing to do with Drugs).
And thats where Minecraft comes in useful for a hopeless Idol addict, like Crack it got millions around the World addicted and with Minecraft just being a harmless Game and due to its popularity pretty much everyone will know someone who is addicted to it, so the next time someone asks stupid questions about your Idol addiction, just tell them that it is indeed entirely harmless and normal to be addicted to Idols, just like the Minecraft addicts they are likely to know are harmless as well.

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