Maasa Runs Races, Smacks Girls and Isn't Afraid of Anything

Our Heavenly Mother recently starred as the latest "rival" in the H!P-laiden J-drama called "Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen," and was awesome, as one should expect her to be.
A basic TL;DR of Maasa--er, I'm sorry, Fuyumi events:
  • She eats ramen. Like a boss. (I personally kinda found this scene a little offensive considering she is one of the few full figured girls in the company, and is the leader of a group called the Gluttony Girls? Come on.)
  • She challenges Nina (Tanaka Reina). Like a boss.
  • Changes the menu. Like a boss.
She continues to do some pretty boss-like things, such as stealing fruit from Sayuri (Michishige Sayumi), pushing Kazuki (Sakurada Dori), becoming Maasa Sumou, and slapping the Kyuukies like they're newborn babies. I seriously cannot stress the wonder of this drama. And I highly suggest you watch it. Sadly, there are no .gifs from the episode yet; but I can guarantee you the one of her slapping the Kyuukies will be the first in existence.
If you want a look at the episode, you can see screenshots here, and watch an unsubbed version of Lesson 3 here. A hard-subbed version, courtesy of MM-BBS, will most likely be available within a few days.
Photo courtesy of lovemusic at Hello! Online. Thanks for the screenshots!


Jup, that episode was epic.


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