Cast Lists no Tanoshii Kakikata!

More news on the movie front! Since the last post, more and more cast members have been announced every so often. And now the cast list on the official website is complete, I thought I'd share the news about who Maasa will be co-starring alongside.

Atae Yakumo

Sato Hisanori
Yabusame Tsurugi

Sudou Maasa
Ichigo Yuuna

Taketatsu Ayana
Atae Kokona

Noto Arisa
Atae Marumi

Kouda Mariko
Atae Koyuri

Igarashi Reiko
Ishikiri Kiyomaro

Suzuki Hiroki

Some of you may recognise those names. Both Sato Hisanori and Suzuki Hiroki have starred in Prince of Tennis musicals. Taketatsu Ayana is a voice actress famous for starring in the anime K-ON!, Noto Arisa is a former Hello!Project Egg - now having left H!P but continues to work for UFA, mostly as an actress. And Kouda Mariko is another voice actress and singer who has starred in various anime.

This is quite an ensemble cast. No big names, but there's someone acting in this for everybody. Especially for fans of Prince of Tennis and Berryz Koubou, as we have here our two lead cast members Sudou Maasa and Sato Hisanori who are playing each other's love interest in this movie.

I'm still not sure how I'll react to this relationship, but a cast that can interest Harowota, Ani-otaku and PoT fangirls... It sounds like we're in for quite a ride.


oh my frickin' god!!!! Azusa's VA's gonna be a part of Maa's play!!! XD XD XD XD XD

Azuuuuu~nyaaaaan~!!!!! XD

*ehem* uh, I must agree that PoT and BK fans are gonna be pleased with this... I for one can't wait cause of our beloved Maasa and my nekomimi princess~ XD


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