Berryz Koubou 2007 Summer ~ Maasa Camera! ~

Time to bring back some normality to this blog after a shamefully long period of inactivity. Let's return to Maasa herself with the most awesome picspam the Church has never seen!

Let us turn back the pages to Summer 2007. My interest in H!P is developing to the next level as I shift from YouTube to H!P Forums. We're right in the middle of Berryz Koubou's concert tour, one that would later go on to become my own personal favourite concert - although at the time Berryz Koubou and C-ute were still very much unknown to me - and would, a year later, become the namesake of my first blog. Berryz Koubou 2007 Summer Concert Tour ~ Welcome! Berryz Kyuuden ~

During this tour each of the girls was given a digital camera (a fairly cheap one at that!) which they would then use to take pictures of anything they felt like. These picture's would then be printed in the tour's coupling photobook. It's a wonderful idea. None of the girls in Berryz keep a blog, as far as I'm aware. This is a shame, because I'd love to follow Maasa's Idol blog - learn what she did that day, what she ate, and see blurry images that may or may not slightly resemble the food talked about in the entry. Sometimes I wish I could get away with such simple blogging.

Today we're going to take a look at the pictures Maasa took. I know, there are some really great shots of Maasa taken by other members too, and maybe later I'll do a part deux and show some of those, but for now we'll just take a look at Maasa's own camerawork, because it's essentially Maasa's image diary of the tour. A blog with pictures.

So lets get things started!

First thing I notice on this page is the cute picture of Maasa about to take a bite into a watermelon. That's right. A picture, not only of food but also of the idol taking a bite into said food. We're off to a good start, that's top class Idol blog material right there!

We also have a photo beside that of Maasa putting her hair up in the dressing rooms. Not entirely sure how you manage to take a photo of yourself with a brush in one hand and the other holding the hair up, but Maasa is clearly capable of anything. I wonder how long it takes Maasa to do her hair and makeup. I'm no expert on either of those things, and I'm the kind of lazy long haired bum who combs it in the morning and that's it for the day. Even as a long-haired guy my hair only takes a minute to do, but you know what girls are like, right? I'm sure even Captain finds a way to take 40 minutes in the morning on her hair.

Moving down the page we see some more typical photos including one featuring nothing but... candy in plastic bags? One for each member? Baked by Maasa's mother? Mhm... I'd love to try Mama's mama's cooking. Alas, I fear I never shall. Not in this life anyway. To the right of that picture we have our first Chu! pic. Momoko is assaulting Maasa with her lips. I'm not sure if Maasa looks more terrified or more exhausted. Let the girl get her sleep, Momo.

To the upper left of that pic we can see Maasa sitting looking at, what appears to be, a photo of herself. Hard to tell from the angle, but I'm certain it's herself. So Maasa hates the sound of her own voice, but has no reservations about admiring her own beauty? Heck, I would too if I was her. Any guesses on what her shirt says though? "Make Up Milano"? I don't know what that means. It doesn't even look like engrish just... random words thrown against a picture (also random).

Actually, that's an interesting observations about the clothes. It really showcases just how long this tour and preparing for it lasts by the number of different outfits. No doubt they have at least one change of clothes, not counting the actual concert costumes, when doing the concerts since they sweat alot and it'd probably be nice to change into some clean clothes after 2 hours dancing. I think on this page alone we can see Maasa wearing at least 5 different shirts and whatnot? Does that mean 5 different days?

Finally, I'd like to talk about that random Momoko photo. The one where she's holding up her camera to god only knows what. Maybe the Church of Momo will write a fanblog about her camera and we'll find out what she was taking a picture of? Does the Church of Momo even exist? I've seen a single mention of it in one forum user's signature, but other than that there doesn't seem to be any trace of any degree of organised religion based around Momoko. And that's not a hint to go and create an infidel church.

A new page, one that seems even more interesting than the last! And the first thing I notice is the picture in the top right. It looks suspiciously like the same photobook Maasa was looking at on the previous page. Proof that she was looking at pictures of herself! Either that or she was looking at Miyabi, but I can see no concievable reason why she's looking at a picture of Miyabi when she is on the page beside it. Why would you?

As for the picture below it, I'm not entirely sure what that is. I see tiny monitors, presumably showing what each of the cameras is recording. So what is that machine she's at? The lighting? The controls for which camera is shown on the big screen at the back of the stage? Why Maasa is covering, not only the behind the scenes work of the director but also dancing and singing at the same time on stage is beyond me, but simply incredible that she can somehow do both jobs at once. That's what it means to be a Maaist, to have an Idol who never ceases to amaze.

And then... Oh my god. What happened to Chinami and Miyabi's make up in the two photos on the left hand side of that row. Where they putting it on while the bus was moving? Lucky Maasa managed to pull through unscathed, but wow, that was quite a bumpy ride back there.

Next up we have a picture by Maasa featuring herself with Miyabi and Yurina. Good news for those Miyabi fans is that she seems to have fixed her makeup. Maasa is striking a reverse Peace hand gesture - one popularised by Winston Churchill during the second World War as a "V for Victory" - clearly showing off the fact that while Miyabi's makeup was ruined, Maasa pulled through and made it to the concert venue unharmed. Good for you, Maasa!

On the next row theres a peculiar, but cute, picture of Momoko sleeping on the bus. What's that in her hands? A plush toy? Interesting that Momoko takes such a thing on her concert tours, I wonder what it means.

Looking down to the bottom we see a few humourous pictures with Chinami and Captain, but what more interests me is the picture between them. A set of water bottles. Each identical, each with a straw poking out a hole in the cap. What I find interesting is the fact that each pair of bottles has a label - the name of each of the Berryz members. When you think about it it makes sense, greater efficiency than having bottled water laying around the dressing rooms and means the girls don't have to ask themselves where they left their water and which one was their own. Personally I would prefer chilled water, those are bound to get to room temperature pretty quick just sitting there, but I guess water is still water and it was cool at some point.

Another page! We're about halfway there now!

This time the first thing we notice is Maasa attacking Risako the same way Momoko did so back at the start. Is this really the kind of stuff that goes on backstage at concerts? How awesome would be to actually see what these girls are like off camera. Oh well, once again it's something we'll never see.

Next up we have a ton of photos around it featuring Maasa and Chinami. Those two are hilarious. Maasa will always be the grand master of pulling funny faces, but where Maasa looks insane and, sometimes, murderous, Chinami sometimes still manages to look adorable when pulling these faces. These two must be a lot of fun in a print club photo booth. What's up with the monobrow though? There's that one big shot of the two of them with monobrow, Chinami looks terrifying. The monobrow, the crazy expression, the red skin... Maybe Chinami is actually the devil to Maasa's god?

Looking further down theres a taller photo with Maasa wearing a green costume, Maasa looks pretty short in this picture, don't you think? It looks like someone chopped off her legs. Or... wait a second. Isn't that Yurina's costume? Why is Maasa wearing that? Interesting that Maasa can just walk into the dressing room, grab Yurina's costume and put it on. I wonder if Yurina knows Maasa stole it? It'd be hilarious for them to turn up on stage in eachothers' costumes. In fact, haven't they done that before? I'm sure I've seen a picture of Yurina and Momoko on stage wearing each other's Berryz Kamen outfits.

Finally I notice another picture to the left of Momoko sleeping again. This time restong on Maasa's shoulder it seems. Maasa isn't a pillow, Momoko, back off! All she ever seems to do in Maasa's photos is sleep, what's up with that?

This will be a shorter page to talk about, I think. It's mostly typical Japanese Idol photos of food and the girls eating said food.

But straight away one of those pictures catches my eye. One of Maasa feeding Miyabi. How wonderfully selfless of Maasa, taking time out to feed the kids by hand. It's a cute image which just serves to reinforce that motherly figure Maasa serves as for the rest of Berryz. But the picture does beg the question, why can't Miyabi feed herself? Looks like she's abusing Maasa's good nature for her own selfish gain. Does she want Maasa to chew the food for her too?

...Actually, that's kinda kinky, if not a tad disgusting.

This time we see the girls on a plane. Looks like a pretty cheap fight at that. I wonder where they are going and why on earth our girls are only in Economy class? No expense spared here at UP-FRONT.

I love the pictures of Maasa on the plane. She really looks good with her hair down. I know that the way she puts her hair up is one of those things that have become associated with her - indeed, all of the girls of Berryz have little characitures of themselves which they frequently draw on their photocards and Maasa's features that "trademark hairstyle", as it were. But despite that, Maasa looks really cute when she lets her hair down. Perhaps something UFW have noticed since her hair has been down alot lately in recent PVs - although recently she's looked quite sexy with her hair like that.

There's another photo on this page which makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. At the bottom we see Maasa, Yurina and Miyabi with... things stuck to their faces. I have no idea what they are or what is going on, but it's hilarious. Also interesting to note that the 3... things are in the same colour that corresponds to the girl it's stuck to. Does that mean off camera the other girls are all sitting there with random coloured objects attatched to their faces? That's quite a scene!

This is a great page. There's so much going on. Where to begin?

The top of the page seems like a good place. We have a whole row of idol camera poses, including one rather interesting one of Captain. Looks like she's trying to eat her own finger off. Have you ever tried to do that? It takes an incredible level of willpower to bite your finger off - it's much easier to do it to someone else, assuming they don't struggle too hard anyway. Where was I going with that? Ah yes. You know, I'm not sure what it is about the picture, wether it's the face she's making or a combination of the camera angle and lighting, but doesn't Captain look a couple years younger in that photo?

Below it there's a cute picture of Maasa and Miyabi. It looks like a game of Chicken which Maasa won. Maasa went in for the kiss and Miyabi had to look away to stop herself from laughing. Therefore Maasa won.

...not sure if that's good or not, to be honest.

Next up there's a big picture of Momoko giving a funny, yet cute face to the camera and-- Oh my god what is that!?

Miyabi's head appears to be in the bottom of shot. It took me a minute or two to even register what it was. I thought it was just Momoko's arm or something poking into shot until a noticed the eyes. That's a terrifying photo! Really, why does Miyabi feel the need to shoot into frame with those bug eyes? She looks like a fish! A fish with a nose, no less. Terrifying.

And so, I think I shall end here. This entry has taken a long time to write. It was incredibly entertaining to write it, however, and I hope you found it as enjoyable to read as I did. I could have just posted all the pics, but I thought it'd be more entertaining to give my own commentary on it. Thank you for reading, lets end with the last page - Maasa's personal favourite shot.

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