The Church and the State

There are many tools available to authoritive figures to maintain their goals or to achieve them, be it political or religious.

But the one that strikes true to the hearts of the people is Cooperation. Civilisation was built on the idea that more cooperation makes for a better society. Marx and Engels' Manifesto of the Communist Party refered to it is "Primitive Communism", and it was this virtue that became the guiding principle of political ideologies, not only among left-leaning Socialists and Liberals, but also among the rightist Conservative movement.

Society can't work unless it manages to put aside is petty differences and work together towards the greater good.

Only a few weeks ago, my country went through the most important General Election it's seen in thirteen years. And at the end, nobody had won. But the Liberals and Conservatives managed to put apart their own differences and work together to create a strong government in the national interest, despite coming from nominally opposing ideologies.

Not too long ago, the two opposing forces of the Church and the Party decided to end our long rivarly and conflict and form a Coalition of State and Church in order to allow both to co-exist against the proverbial Nuclear threat from the "Church of AKB", a term that you may remember I coined in an earlier message to it's members to refer to the loose organisation of fans, rather than a specific Church. An organisation which I have on multiple occasions likened to the Red Terror in the East, and the tense relationship between myself and leading AKB fans to the NATO-USSR relations of the Cold War years.

But it was through this, that we came to realise that the Captainist Party and the Church of Maasa aren't at all dissimiliar. We may use different words and methods, but the intentions are the same. We both wish for the exact same thing.

The Church is no longer the same cruel body that it was when I initially founded it, where Maasa was the One True Idol and fans of any other members were shunned as heretics and infidel. No, we are more open and forgiving than ever, just so long as the people support and worship Maasa, we care not wether they are also fans of other Idols, false or not. The Church has recieved two new Clergy members in recent weeks, Garlix, a leading member of the Captainist Party, and Keksi*Choc, who is one of the leading Miyabi fans as well as a self-proclaimed Prophet of Maasa.

Clearly we are entering something of a Rennaisance for the Church, where openness and community are just as important to the way we work as faith in the Holy Mother herself. We should continue to push for more support for Maasa, and continue to reform the Church into something that all Maasa fans can be proud to be part of.


The Church is improving steadily!
(You know my view on AKB48, even if I don't know many of their fans / a Party or Church of fans)

I like this post a lot :>
Oh, and we should not forget that it is due to other idols that our Goddess can be an idol as well as the Goddess - if there would not be the term "idol" defined by earlier generations, we would have never known that the Goddess exists.


Apart, we are mighty but defeatable. As one, we are invincible. United forever, in friendship and labor.

This reads so much like a political speech made by a Communist ideologue. Nice work. XD
(I keep forgetting that you at least used to read up on this stuff too.)

PS. Love the coat of arms. I may have to design a shirt with that on it sometime soon. XD


Besides Hello!Project, politics is my main interest. And I've long believed in Socialist-Communist ideologies, which presented me with a rather interesting dilemna during the early days of the Church-Party conflict where, even though in real life I had communist tendencies, I had to ignore them and approach things from the soon-to-be Church of Maasa's point of view instead, for the sake of Maasa and my own integrity.

As for the Coat of Arms, I had actually made it for an earlier entry which I never finished and decided to drop, but when I was looking for an image to use in this entry I figured that it would be a good chance to use the Coat of Arms. I had actually meant to replace the text on the ribbons with something more relevent to the Captainist Party/Church of Maasa, but I never got around to actually deciding on something to write.


Good man. Good man.
You and I need to talk about politics sometime. XD
I remember when you first became active in Maasa's thread your signature had a quote by Che, Mao, and Lenin. I wasn't sure if you were still interested though (let alone a sympathizer).
Either way, I noticed the comical irony too - because you had at least once openly declared yourself a communist on H!O, and then you found yourself at the helm of opposition. XD

What you say about the coat of arms makes me think that we need a slogan (both the Church and the Party, thinking about it)... Hmm... I'll have to try to cook something up.
I'm curious what you were planning on posting that made the CoA more relevant though.


I'm sure we'd make a great thinktank.
And I'd actually forgotten all about that. It feels like such a long time ago when I first started posting in the Maasa thread.

Some kind of Slogan or Motto would be great. :D


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