Results from Hello!Blog's 2010 H!P ranking

First, Berryz are #2 overall.

Maasa is on #17.

Not too good, but not a disaster either, right? She is generally one of the less-seen members... but I find it amazing that she won over Manoeri, Chisa, Nakki, Maimi and S/mileage's top-seller Kanyon!

Good job, Maasa~ Let's hope it will be better in 2011 <3 br="">
Everyone, give Mama your love!!!!


Lol. I was just about to report these results myself. Guess I'm too slow. :p

I'll just do an entry when the Extended Results are announced, and we get further breakdown of who voted for Maasa. :p


Haha well this was a really short comment, since I only focused on Holy-Power-chan. (I made a looong sum for my own blog though, talking about everyone xD )
I think I put her in #6, she was shortly beaten by Gaki... Uguuuu how embarrasing. I should've put her in #5 but still ._. Damn it! But she seems to be the least loved Berryz... grrrr.


It's a shame she was so low. We'll just have to do better next time.

Everyone, work on cloning yourselves so we can vote for Maasa many times. You have less than a year, so hop to!

The big problem I had with this was that you couldn't put people on equal ranks. I understand why they didn't do it that way, but it was all but impossible for me to rank everyone in their own slot. :p

I forget the order I put for mine. I ranked Maasa as either #2 or #3.

All of my favorites got pretty sacked in this one, actually. XD


yeah, i felt the same way. that was soooo tough!!!!

I'm working hard on the cloning *one of the chosen ones to be in a 2year scientific school project*
I just finished my 20 pages work about fluorescence, so next up is definitely cloning ;)

(I guess gettin' fake mail adresses would do too? )


Well, sure, we COULD get fake mail addresses, but that would be dishonest. (And cloning ourselves just to stuff the ballot box is soooo honest. XD )

Make sure to keep us posted in the cloning thing. I remember when I took biology, cloning myself was definitely the hardest chapter! :p


I was a physics student, rather than biology.

Perhaps we should pool our resources. If we can successfuly be the first people to clone a human being in the name of the Church... well, even if we don't create enough to flood the ballot box with votes for El Mama, people would still see how awesome she is and would vote for her anyway!

Or maybe we need to simply relaunch Project Evangelion and start preaching to people on the streets. I had one guy come up to me yesterday while I was shopping and ask, "Do you believe that Jesus died to save you?" And I just said, "Maybe he did. But I worship the Holy Mother Sudou Maasa, and I ain't converting from The True Path." :p


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