Okay~ Latest pictures~

I have to keep myself from praisespam, so I ratherpicspam ♥♥
But since those pictures of the Goddess are published, I'm sure she has no objections ^w^

Where does the sudden appetite for watermelons come from? I really can't explain...

Oh, now I wasted my first post here for picspam, but for a fan, picspam never hurts, right? :>

That was the newest member of the team, Keksi*Choc~~


What a pretty way to spend your first post. :p *_*

I actually don't remember seeing that watermelon picture before.


Strangely enough, the watermelon picture has also evaded my sight til now.

I'm clearly slacking off in my worship.

Still. Thanks for the watermelon Maasa, it's delicious. :D


Glad to be at service :D


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