Long time no see

Sorry for this huge gap between the posts, but now we're back! I've had a lot school things lately which have drained my energy to do anything productive... ><

Also since there was such a big break between posts, I won't be providing translations. I am very sorry about that : (. But from now on I will continue to keep you updated about the highlights of Maasa's blog posts and news about her! : )

Also these guys do fantastic and really hard work translating blogs, so check out http://blog-project.net/sudou-maasa !!!

Maasa has been up to

Berryz visit in Thailand!

Growing her hair longer!

Expanding her harem!

There was also an article about Berryz Koubou in a newspaper where it was stated that Maasa looks over Engeki Joshibu!

Also some sad news... it is only 16 days until our beloved Berryz Koubou will suspend their activities. Let's keep on cheering for them and hope them good luck to their future careers and possible family lives!

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