Maasa's Christmas

Merry Christmas

Every year Maasa looks a bit forward to Santa's visit.
But he never comes.

Santa hasn't visited her for whole 10 years, since the 6th year of elementary, however, now he appears again for her nephew.

For Maasa, the best Christmas gift is that she gets to spend it with Berryz members.

She asks all the papas and mamas not to show the blog text to children (lol.)

The best condition!!

Maasa asked if all the little kids got presents from Santa yesterday.

She wishes every elementary, middle and high school students good luck with their homework.
For college students she wishes an enjoyable winter break, since there are challenges and such.
She cheers for the adults to do well in their jobs.

Berry-chans will run through these remaining 6 days of 2014 with good spirit.

Maasa will do her best in rehearsals and shootings!


Great. Now I have a weird image of Maasa like Maki in Love Live.

It'd be pretty cute if she really did still believe in santa though. XD


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