A Ponytail can be Cute too

In today's news, Maasa continues to be beautiful. 

I'm sure bondskizuna won't be happy that I stole such a fine post opportunity from her, but well I saw the pictures and decided to post them anyway. Bwahahaha!

It comes from her blog from yesterday where she mentions that she decided to tie her hair back for a handshake event. 

She also asks "I wonder what my hairstyle will be tomorrow? "

Who knows, but I must admit that I'm sort of glad to see her start to grow her hair back out. Ikemen Maasa still looked cute, sure, but for 5 years she was the long-haired yamato nadeshiko of the group, and it took a long time to get used to that not being the case. Now that her hair is starting to grow out a bit, I can't help but wonder if she will keep the short hair she sported for 2014, or whether she'll go back to being our long-haired Maasa-hime in 2015?

Watch this space, or something...


No worries :D What a little cutie <3


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