Maasa (and Berryz) conquering the USA

It has now been announced by Shimizu Saki that Berryz Koubou will perform in Seattle. There, the Sakuracon will be held in April 22-24th, where hANGRY&ANGRY performed last year.
Even though I will not be present, I wish everyone in the USA and everyone going there to see them the most amazing performance (until they come to Europe, which is a dream of mine that will never die)! Let's wish for Berryz to have success in Seattle, and that they will be able become more known all over the world.



It's great that Berryz is getting another overseas concert. I wish I could go see it. I'm sure it'll be great.

And don't worry, Mimi. I'm sure they'll have a concert in Europe soon enough.


Congrats Berryz! This is an opportunity to extend your fan base and shine.

Show them what you're made of!


I myself was hoping for a gig in Germany or something. Japan or North America is way too expensive to get to, and since I went to Paris last year I want to see a different country. Also it's cheaper for me to fly to Berlin than it is for me to fly to London, despite already living in the UK. :p


Plus Berlin rocks anyway. XD

I've always wanted one of the H!P girls to have a photobook in Germany.


They should just live in Germany *whistle*


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