Light Novel no DVD no Tanoshii Mikata

Glorious news regarding the movie "Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata" starring Sudou Maasa which released in select cinemas at the start of December.

The movie was released in three or four theatres around the country including two catering for audiences in Tokyo and Osaka. After decent publicity including the release of the trailer back in July which racked up 40 thousand views in 3 days (and has gone on to over 130 thousand over the last 6 months), a promotional tie-in with Pizza Hut, as well as several events and TV mentions, the movie released to largely positive reviews.

Anyway, this time there's a DVD to be released, which was posted on the official Ranobe blog this morning.

It lets us know that Nippon Columbia will be publishing two versions of the movie on DVD, including one Limited Edition which will include a bonus disc containing the making-of documentary.

The pricing is a little steep for this kind of movie, with the regular edition coming in at nearly 4k yen, and the limited edition at 6k. The movie itself is only 80 minutes and the bonus footage is likely to be on the short side too, but for many people in Japan and abroad this will be the only way to actually see this movie, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. No self-respecting Maaist should be without, I think. 

The DVDs will both go on sale at the start of March next year.

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