The Church Expands!

It's come to my attention that this blog doesn't get nearly the same amount of attention that I want to give it, or that it deserves. And so I have decided that it's time to go back and put my initial plans into action.

When I first created this blog, I was inspired by other worship blogs on the blogosphere, while at the same time pushed into action by the conversations in Hello!Online's Maasa thread, how that led to the creation of the Church is now documented in the Origins entry, the first post I made to the blog.

But when I created it, I had in mind a blog and a church which was community driven. A Church where it didn't rely on me to dictate everything, but to where the believers had choice. They could put forward their own ideas about what Maaism trully was. Where people of all walks of life could be brought together by their desire to create and their love for the Holy Mother. Even now, 18 months later, this idea still lingers in my mind as the goal I want to achieve.

And so it comes to me now that perhaps it's time to throw open the doors to the Cathedral and let the people inside.

I posted an advertisement on, what I felt was the best place for it, the Hello!Online Maasa thread. The very place where the Church was born. And in this advertisement I said that I was looking for willing writers to take up positions of authority within the Church and help contribute to the blog. Response was fairly disconcerting. There were many people who said that they would love to join, but lacked the free time or the confidence in their English to do so. There are some promising results, however.

Garlix, who you would know if you read his first post on the blog Do You Read the Bible, decided that despite limitations to the time he can spend writing he would help out. He serves us now, not only as a member of the Clergy, but also as an Ambassador to the Captain Party, which you may remember the earlier post L'Entente Cordiale brought an end to a year of hostilities between the Church and the Party.

So please, continue to contribute and comment, everyone. In the name of Maasa, we can only grow stronger.


All hail, full of grace, Maasa is with thee!

It may be beginning slowly, but the Church expands.

We are five hundred or a thousand years behind the membership gains of the major opposing churches. We must make good this distance in two years. Either we do it, or they will crush us.

Perhaps later this week I shall document the history of the Party and the Church.


From an inside perspective of the Party? My interest is piqued. :p

And making up the numbers that the major world religions have today in 2 years is a challenge worthy of the Herculean strength of Maasa.


All hail the one and only goddess Maasa, may she lead us to strenght and grace.
We shall not fear, not rest, not wait until the Church of Maasa has spreaded and reached the heart of the one and only Maasa.

O.O Yo! Its me (lol), PrincessMiya <3 I'm at my dad's laptop! See ya when I join you XD


I look forward to having you onboard. :)


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