In this, the first post of this blog, I'll try to explain a little about the blog and where the idea came from.

I tend to frequent Maasa's discussion thread over at Hello!Online, in fact it's one of the only threads on the forum I ever post in. There's a bit of a community developed in there. There are several members who frequent it. I don't know any these people, but I've become familiar with many of them, I understand their personality and character, and I would hope that they feel the same way about me. But because we have this little "community", there are some in-jokes and such that people who aren't a part of the discussion miss out on. I wonder if the other members' threads are the same.

But anyway, the whole thing started some time ago when the subtitle of the Maasa thread was "2nd Berryz Tower". Most people didn't like this. It kind of implies that Maasa is second-rate, so we tried to get that changed to something more appropriate. We decided that "World's Strongest Idol" was a good one, because it's fairly common knowledge that Maasa is strong, after a certain arm-wrestling tournament and a grip and pull test in the DVD Magazines. This and Maasa's build leads to frequent references to her having herculean strength or something of the sort. So it was agreed and the subtitle was changed. But a pretender and Captain-supporter (terms I will likely use often) by the name of sougisou disputed this title. Claiming that it should instead go to Captain.

This eventually led to me posting this;

"Now who do I speak to about starting the Church of Maasa. Once we're a church and religion, it means we're no longer a cult, right? And therefore Maasa doesn't have to bear any of the negative connotations that come with such a term.

I think that the first thing the church should do is to declare July 3rd, Maasa's Birthday, a religious holiday. And when the clock hits midnight in Japan, all followers over the world must then proceed to sing "Happy Birthday" to Maasa.

Who is with me!?"

And everything happened from there. Including the start of a rivalry between me (and anyone who supports the Church) and those fools from the Captain thread who would revoke Maasa's title.

Thanks for reading, please support this blog, and of course Maasa.

Oh, and as an added aside... On the topic I opened this entry with, I started talking about the kind of "community" there is in the Maasa thread. Well, The Incredible He-Hulk posted this message in the thread shortly after my post above. I think it sums the thread up pretty well.

"Oh, and who else believes that the Maasa thread is obviously the best thread in the H!O forum? Where else would a discussion about which grade an idol is in morph into a discussion about the relative strengths of various Berryz in martial disciplines, and ultimately into a proposal to form some sort of religious order based upon the Herculean strength of the world's strongest idol? No. Other. Thread. That’s where."


A Maasa worship blog couldn't come soon enough! I'll be watching this blog for sure.

Praise the World's Strongest Idol.


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