New Face

Some time has passed since someone from the Church voiced their opinion here, so out with the old and in with the new, except of course we would never get rid of the old, as a Church we believe everything is eternal, so of course People like Dran will still be here, but also a new face, Nao-kun.
Nao-kun? who is that?
A couple years ago in a location slightly west of Dran Nao-kun was sitting in front of a box and not sure what do on a boring rainy Sunday afternoon, turns out that box was a PC and Nao-kun stumbled over a Morning Musume Video on Youtube that the Church had planted there as a trap to test the loyalty of its followers.
Initially Nao-kun gave in to the temptation of Morning Musume, but then saw the light and focused all attention to Berryz Koubou, the one and only true Idol Unit to ever grace this Planet Earth we happen to be on as well as the Universe this Earth is trapped in until the great Maasa decides that all Evil has been extinguished and will take us away to the real Universe.
How do we win over those Evil things and how far has Nao-kun progressed in defeating them? While the revelation of the full list has not happened yet a selection can be found below:
Under no circumstances shall anything ever take priority over Berryz.
Traveling 52500 miles in a 27 month period for Berryz shall be considered normal.
The use of the only Wardrobe to store noting but Hello Project Merchandise shall also be considered normal.
All Walls need to be covered by Berryz Posters, Towels, Calendars, Visual Screens and similar items.
Maaism is not just a religion, it is also the cradle, path and destination of life which shall always be chosen as any other path leads to Doom.

Either way, that crazy Maadict known as Nao-kun is looking forward to bring you the occasional sensible but usually just "slightly" biased update through the Church of Maasa from whatever corner of the Planet Berryz Koubou is currently at.


And honoured we are to have you.

Curiously enough, my walls are indeed covered in assorted Berryz posters - with my wardrobe indeed playing host to some of the other posters which I don't have wallspace for - a problem that only gets worse every year.

I've yet to work out how to turn my room into some sort of infinite TARDIS to display all of the others.


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