Enter Another New Face, and a Blessed Holiday

Today, on this December 25, a new person enters the ranks of the blessed clergy of the Church of Maasa.
My name is Haru, I've been a fan of Maasa for but a short time -- reformed from the Cathedral of Miyabi, and still somewhat a believer. but fully I am devoted to our Heavenly Mother Maasa.
By now, our Heavenly Mother has probably finished her celebrations of Christmas (as it is almost 16:00, 4:00 PM for the Americans, in Japan as I write this blog) and is enjoying a cozy afternoon and evening with her family. Perhaps her group mates have surprised her with gifts as well. Being a teenage girl, I'm sure she received things like lotions and soaps and clothing, and of course something cute. And living in the technological world, she may have even gotten a new cell phone, or laptop. And of course, being the otaku she is, I'm sure she received some manga as well.
My friends, I hope you enjoy the Christmas season with warmth in your heart, and remember that wherever you may be this holiday season, Maasa will be with you.

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